Feb 182013

Well, just finished packing out from a great fair in SanFran. Found a few good things to buy…sold some interesting things. Notably I sold the biggest thing in the book (Mazur’s Inferno) *and* it was carried away! This last bit was *huge* as I had picked up a number of additional things at CODEX and the missing Mazur made a huge difference while packing.

Staying with Suzanne’s classmate was great fun…nice visit for a few day and then they left for the weekend, so I’ve the run of this lovely apartment all to myself. As bookfair lodging goes, it would be hard to beat…

I wrapped up the fair in a reasonably surreal discussion/theatre of the absurd performance art piece with My New Best Friend. I spent the final hour of the fair discussing debauched books, printing, and alternative uses for Amazing Tape (or, really, the original uses for AT…). It was a book fair discussing against which future such discussions will be measured and fall short…

Morning flight from SFO to Boston…then home. More to follow….

Feb 162013

I managed to get another dozen or so new slips printed this morning (just finished cataloguing new books last night) before heading over to The Concourse for the far. Did a bit of cruising books, but even so, finished at a respecatbel 130ish…so had plenty of time to get ready and prep for the afternoon opening. Opening was nice…steady flow. Lots of interested people. Even sold some big books. All in all, not a bad day.

Pleased the day turned out as it did, as I was being blanked all day for not showing up at the K is for Kegger party at the Bookseller Real World house. On one hand, I feel sorry that I missed it (again)…on the other: 1) I have missed it each prior year for various reasons…there is an argument that there is a tradition to respect; 2) I had dinner less than 2 blocks from my place (and with an intervening crepe place on the way)…that is, the idea of moving blocks and blocks *away* from my place when my bed (and work) was so close seemed…er…unwise; 3) it seemed likely that it would be a late night and I was very fearful it would have a bad effect on my ability to get work done and/or get things done in the morn (as I heard people were still there and happy until 4am or so suggests I made the best choice. I am, however, very sorry that I let down people almost undoubtedly put out if I came upon them on fire…I will accept my blanking with dignity.

Feb 152013

The pictures tell the story. Setup started at noon. I managed to actually go eat lunch, I was feeling so cool and collected. The booth is about 2/3 done. We have from 9am until 3pm to finish (and to cruise the hall). Looking forward to tomorrow. Many action shots promised… [It appears I have managed to 'miss' the K is for Kegger party...I had every intent to go...but after dinner and thinking of books I needed to catalogue and slips that needed printing at Fed Ex tomorrow...I just decided to continue my multi-year failure to attend....]

Feb 142013

Spent the day at the CODEX fair firming up new arrangements and looking at still more new books. Ride home notable as Mark Dimunation spent some of it belting out Jefferson Airplane’s, Volunteers for America. On a completely unrelated note, more people than one might think knew all the words to Circle Jerks, World Up My Ass, at the Gala Banquet and we did a pretty good rendition… Long day…and have much cataloguing to do as set up for the SanFran fair is tomorrow and I suddenly have another dozen

Feb 132013

The morning sessions flew by with presentations by Russell Maret, Mark Dimunation and Veronika Schaepers. These presentations were streamed and if/when they are posted at CODEX, I’ll link to them as all are well worth watching (and/or rewatching). After a quick round of dim sum (a lot of dim sum) with Mark, Cristina, and Felice, we were back in the trenches at the book fair (thank you, again, Felice for driving us all). I have now spent about 12 hours looking at books steadily and feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. Another 6 hours tomorrow…

Feb 122013

Exhausted after a remarkable day of extraordinary books (to be fair, also still recovering from last weekend’s book fair). The morning Symposium was (overall) very very good. I had some very good dim sum for lunch and then headed over to the big hall to visit each and every one of the 180 fine press/artist book printers in the venue…I failed miserably. It’s a very good thing that I have two more days to finish working through this room. Quick images below…some detailed thoughts in the near future (when my brain is working).

Feb 112013

Today was strange at the fair. Very slow, overall…but saved by the children! I had three great conversations with three young kids (two girls 8 and 11 and a boy 10). All three were hyper engaged with books and reading, asked great questions, and absolutely made my day (and, as a bonus, they actually bought, too). I managed to pack everything up in record time (2 hours) and grabbed and Uber to the airport. Interesting conversation with an Irishman abord the plan (arguably the most interesting bookish convo of the last couple of days). Safely ensconced in a lovely place in SanFran. Going to bed now…early BART to the Codex Symposium. Posts/twitter/tumblr to follow.

Feb 102013

Very brief. Nice day. Long. A good, steady traffic and some very engaged humans. Saw a fair number of old friends and a few new ones…and met a number of interesting humans. Saw some good/interesting things and picked up a handful. Nothing truly amazing…but hope springs eternal. Packing now as I leave for the airport as soon as I’m done packing up after the show tomorrow. Flying up to SanFran and then CODEX bright and early Monday morning. More to follow…

BONUS: While I’m here in sunny SoCal, my wife is home shoveling/blowing snow. I offer for your amusement and edification:

Feb 092013

I planned by packing around the 15 foot booth that will be waiting at the SanFran ABAA Book Fair (passes still available, let me know if you need one). This presented an interesting problem as I attempted to get said same volume of books into a 10 foot booth with significantly less display cases, etc… Yes, yes, I could have left some items in cases…but what is the fun in that. In the end, it came out looking reasonably good…this despite an hour or so of minor panic during mid-afternoon when I was quite convinced it would not work at all. Not much to say about the process–shoehorning was the word of the day. Enjoy the images:

Feb 082013

I am safely ensconced in sunny southern California (leaving poor Suzanne in Maine with a storm coming that is threatening 24 or more inches of snow…for this I shall no doubt pay). Flew Virgin America (far and away the best way to cross the country). Landed safely and let Uber shoot me from LAX to Santa Monica (I truly love Uber, especially in SF and LA (not good cab cities, otherwise)). I used airbnb to find places to stay in Santa Monica and SanFran. Thus far, I’m wildly pleased with it. For far less than area hotels, I’m in a lovely one bedroom ‘beach cottage’, effectively on the beach and 2 blocks to the hall (and my place in SanFran is owned by a classmate of Suzanne’s…the “social filter” on airbnb is *really* very cool). No doubt there is a bit more of a dice roll…but thus far, I could not be more pleased with the results.

As an added bonus, Cha Cha Chicken is just around the corner. Beach front lodging, great (cheap) Caribbean food nearby, and a book fair. Shaping up to be a great weekend. Have been relatively productive thus far. Deleted nearly 10K emails on the flight, had some good meetings, visited with one of my most favorite humans. Tomorrow is Set Up Day (more interesting images tomorrow. Fingers crossed for the show…