Mar 122010

Simon Singh (author of The Code Book and Fermat’s Last Theorem, etc.) has just announced that he will no longer be writing for The Guardian. Singh is a brilliant math and science writer with a genuine gift of making extremely complex theoretical work both approachable and engaging to a general audience. He is having to give up his writing due to rather long running libel suit brought against him by the British Chiropractic Association (detailed nicely here). Though he could, most likely, have settled this rather easily, he chose to walk a much more complex path for the greater good. British libel law is such that a number of news sources (from the quasi to the hard) have either pulled out or threatened to pull out of the UK to avoid being SLAPPed (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation).

While I am disheartened that Singh has been forced to limit his work until this suit is over, I hope his efforts succeed for both his personal issues and for the broader issue of libel reform in the UK. Please take a look at the Libel Reform Campaign‘s site and consider signing their petition.