Aug 192010

The first is for fun:

Rachel Bloom is a comedian and writer and *really* loves Ray Bradbury. Her love has manifested in this amazing video she recently wrote/produced/sang. She gets a discount with me forever. [N.B. NSFW]

The second is a great bit of writing/response by Stephen Gertz. Mike Shatzkin, an “e-publishing consultant”, recently posted an article titled, “The Printed Book’s Path to Oblivion“. It is another in a series of e-pub hype posts trumpeting the death of the printed book and the glory of ebooks (and a more self-serving one than most, given the author’s professed specialty). It is a shining example of someone who “gets” one element of a complex system (e-books), yet has no real concept of other elements of the system (e.g. the experiential difference of a book in hand). SG spends the time to eloquently deconstruct Shatzkin’s post…it should be required reading. Enjoy.

Feb 132010

Just a quick, richly illustrated post today (I'm exhausted). It was a
great day. Lots of people, what seemed to be people buying. A few nice
sales. Great fun.

Pictures from the day:

1: Wonderfully bizarre dirty picture-it seems highly difficult to

2: Great title – like we haven't all had *this* conversation before.

3: LA from a balcony at The Getty.

4: Best dress I've seen in ages. Made by a friend. Just wonderful.