Nov 032011

I’ve had more fun that should be allowed today. We walked by/through Regent’s Park in the morning on our way to 221B Baker Street and The Sherlock Holmes Museum. The museum was good [campy] fun…fun period items and a nice flavor of the stories. I picked up some wonderful bookish card holders at the giftshop. The place was filled with Russian tourists, which made it inexplicably more fun.

We wandered back in time to have a pub lunch with friends of mom and dad. The pub was very nice…great fish and chips and I had a beer that has been brewed, apparently, in the same manner since the late 1600s. After a quick trip back to change and freshen up, I headed over to a little bookshop I’d seen the night before…

Sometime you look into a shop window and you can just tell that it is a Great Shop. While walking down the street a block from the hotel, I saw a wonderful window…just good, interesting books-broad range and engaging titles. I made a mental note to head back there and-in a stunningly surprising turn of events-actually went back today. With the awning open, I discovered it was Collinge & Clark. Wonderful range of material-heavy on fine press and artist books. I picked up a nice stack of cool things. As a bonus, I discovered when I got back to the hotel that C&C was the site where Black Books was filmed. How cool is that.

The day wrapped up at the opening of Sophie Schneiderman‘s exhibit of Gaylord Schanilec‘s prints and books (and the debut of Rob Rulon-Miller‘s new bibliography of Schanilec’s work). I saw a number of old friends, met a few new people, and even bought a very cool new (to me) book. Very amused that at a cool little opening on Portobello Street in London, SEVEN of the people in the room were from mid-coast Maine. In addition to my parents and me, Ken and Liv were there (they just launched their new imprint: Two Ponds Press), and an old friend who I’d not seen in ages, Liz Hand and her partner John Clute. Liz just won a World Fantasy award and John is working on the third edition of the Science Fiction Encyclopedia.

Off to Oxford tomorrow.

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